I’ve been working on a new book these last couple of months, a book on discovering and developing creativity. It should be published in 2012 – first in Russian, then, hopefully, in English.
So many people I speak to are absolutely sure they are not creative in the slightest. It’s strange how easily they forget all the truly creative things they do on a daily basis. I am convinced that every one of us is creative at the very core of our beings, and that developing this magical ability can lead us to amazing, exciting lives.
In the last few years, Creativity has been on my mind constantly, relentlessly. I’ve been trying various new arts, crafts and other creative pursuits just because the flow of this fascinating energy has been expanding so rapidly. I’ve always been artistic, but as I have learnt to allow myself the right to be creative, the way I harness my creativity has changed. I don’t have to chase, or force it now. I don’t get writer’s block anymore. Instead, creativity flows through me and I feel that all I need to do is cup my hands together to catch the magic.
I’ve been recording my experiences and the more I write, the more I have to say. Hopefully, once the book is published, it will help others be creative too.
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