I have finally moved my blog to its new home. Just like a real move, this feels like an exciting adventure, and it fits well with the Spring that has been unfurling everywhere around me. Just the other day I found a flower sprouting up from the still-cold ground. I took a picture of it.

The days have been getting longer for over a month but suddenly everyone has noticed, this week. In England where I live now, Spring does not start until later in March. I choose to go with the Russian timing – and according to that, there are less than four weeks until Spring!

I have already worn flip flops this year. On my way to a yoga class –  I could not resist the sensation of air on my feet so I used yoga as an excuse. I was expecting a few weird looks but that is what I love about Manchester – you can wear flip flops in January and no one cares. In the evening, I had cramps in my legs, and my mother’s words in my mind: ‘The easiest way to catch a cold is through the feet.’ I will be the first one to wear sandals in March, and one of the last to give them up again in October.

I have opened the back door and started the first jobs in my garden. There are new flowers pushing through the ground there too – it turns out, I had the Spring in my own back garden! My novel is on its fifth draft. It is nothing like the first four. The fourth draft was nothing like its predecessors either. With each new re-write, I am convinced that it is the last one, but then the next one comes, like the Spring, and I cannot resist its force.


Author: Maia Nikitina

Writer, reviewer, blogger.

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