We are fascinated by lies, aren’t we? We even have a whole day when we are expected to lie! But the best thing about lying seems to be telling the truth afterwards. We are compelled to lie, and then we are compelled to come clean.
I tend to be honest most of the time. Maybe I’m missing out on all the fun. I wonder how I would feel if I lied more. Probably very tired – the reason I don’t lie is because I just can’t be bothered. Once you make something up, you have to maintain that further and that’s tiring. I do remember one time when I was probably five or six when I made something up. I really wanted a Barbie doll but at that point in Russia not everyone had them. And there was one girl that I played with at the time who kept showing off all her dolls and generally being very annoying. So I told her, never thinking that she would believe me, that I had several Barbies at home, complete with a huge doll house and lots of other doll accessories that I can’t remember now. To my shock, she took me seriously, and for the rest of the week I had to make up more and more stories to fit with the original one. Eventually I stopped playing with her because the pressure of constant lying was getting to me.
And that’s another thing about lies that I find very curious. It seems that the more unlikely the lie, the easier people believe it. Try it yourself. Just not today. Have a great April’s Fool day and tell me about your best lies afterwards.


Author: Maia Nikitina

Writer, reviewer, blogger.

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